Sell Something

An Ruby on Rails Application to Sell Something Easily.

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An E-Commerce Solutiuon for independent makers.

Sell Something is an application that lets you sell something (or somethings) online. It's like Shopify or Gumroad but way simpler. It includes just the features you need to start selling online today. It's easy to setup, deploy, and host and comes with support. And best of all, you pay once and own your store forever.


Own your own store easily.

E-Commerce SaaS cuts into your profits constantly. You pay per month and per transaction. Instead of paying more as you grow, pay once for sell something and use it forever..


Prelaunch, Preorder, Launch

Sell Something includes a landing page where people can signup to get notified covering your prelaunch needs. You can even take preorders for your product with Sell Something. And of course, you'll be able to sell something with a "just enough" e-commerce solution.

Everything You Need

Sell Something includes all the features you need for e-commerce.


Create and sync products you are selling to Stripe Products and Prices.

Stripe Integration

Stripe to accept payments and sync the application data to your stripe account.


Allow people to preorder and purchase your products through Stripe.


A backend to manage all your store's data.

Ruby on Rails

Built with the web framework that takes you from Startup to IPO. The code is easy to use and extend. Make it your own.

Setup and Hosting

Optionally signup to have your store setup, deployed, and hosted for a low monthly cost.